About Coral

This is the place where my thoughts wonder. I am Coral Miguel Evangelista. Lourdesian at heart. Football player in soul. 14 years old since November 7. Lourdesian at heart and Football player by soul.
A simple person that have been made extraordinary by an awesome God.
Been hallucinating on pieces of marked wood since the time i learned reading.
Tried and tested in a world of puppets in a chained society thinking we are free but only one person can truly set us free of all this temporary things and that is Jesus.
I guess you say that this about me isn’t really making sense but if i wanna tell you something is that…
You can be the light of the world from this darkness even if in the inside you feel sad and lonely, be strong and fake a smile because it just might save you even more aches.
Poem Porn really hit the feels.


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