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At the very start of 2016, I fell inlove. But that feeling ended real quick. It ended like a broken glass, I was a wreck.

To be honest, I used to be the kind of girl who only felt her worth from her ex’s compliments. His I love you’s made me feel beautiful. His kisses and hugs made me feel wanted. I was so focused on loving him that when he left, I was a wreck I didn’t even know how to be happy anymore.

It’s not easy to move on. It takes time actually, especially when that someone became part of your daily routine. Tears were my breakfast in the morning and dinner before I sleep. Every cut on my wrist was for him. Every pill I took was a thought of him. The plans we made were too good to be true. I felt lonely, unclean, and ugly.

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At the very start of 2016, I fell inlove. But that feeling ended real quick. It ended like a broken glass, I was a wreck. To be honest, I used to be the kind of girl who only felt her worth from he…

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Naked information for the Filipino’s

               One of the most intriguing issues in the world is all about freedom. Do you not think freedom is one of the most conversed topic all around? Information on the other hand is a vital source of everything we know from the start. In line with this recent affairs showcased one of the most anticipated and sought out law in the Philippines the Freedom of Information law.

                    In light of recent news this law have been in process for a long time and in that during the declaration of the EO of the FOI under the administration of President Duterte … Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said in a press conference.“I surmise that the public will understand that after 29 years of fighting to strengthen this freedom of information, and to strengthen the right to information … Only 25 days as President Rody Duterte — this is already a record-breaking speed of a cornerstone, a milestone, or a landmark executive order being signed,” This is a message that Pres. Duterte is pulling the government back in the right track.

                     This law has been in the ropes for the longest of times since people are seeking for a more open government. People want to know more and be part of what the government is up to since we are also part of the system and the country. Even before the freedom for information is a hot issue among everyone for it gives the security that funds are not going to the dumps or the wrong places. This gives assurance to the people and courage that the administration is dutifully allocating the needed resources.The Freedom of Information Law also entitles us citizens to be more responsible and law abiding since transparency and accountability is being provided duly  by the government. This also gives us more information to seek and know regarding the facts of what is happening in our government. Upon all this one should still look into the guidelines and the law itself to really understand what information we can get. Is the transparency really that see able?

                      Provided now that the law is executed there are still confidential information hidden to the public. There are set parameters and also ways on how to attain certain information and even common information. The law implies that security that there are cases where in information can still be denied on researchers or journalists. While this is a historical moment there are still implications in the transparency of the government yet it is still a humble start to where the country should go.

                   In all of this as a citizen of the country the law is one step closer to a more accountable and open type of government in our society. This will start a more interactive society of people which will show more concern on the impending issues of the country. The Freedom of information law is indeed a remarkable step for the country to insure a more democratic and free nation.


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