The loneliness of being me

Of course i feel its true how they say that the happiest tend to be the loneliest but how would i know, not everyone is the same. I speak from the heart when i say that i don’t feel lonely, there’s much more behind it. There are no words to describe such feeling, melancholy? It doesn’t seem fitting to what is me. I don’t have the words to fancy myself. I speak in childish words, i’m no artist, i’m no superstar, nothing i am, No one special indeed. yet i write, i write to feel. Feel what? i laugh at whether what i feel is real. I am a sheltered crab, emotions bottled up. Nothing flows from my soul, My heart stale.


My heart to ne continued…..



Is it me or not

Why whats wrong

I cant hear my song

Flushed, i am drowning

Am i sad but i dont seem to be frowning.

I’m lost, my head, my heart aching.

How am i still here. What’s sustaining.

Ah don’t read what i want to say

Im saying this is all just a ploy

Self pity? Your pity. No not really

I want nothing from your entirety

I’m done i can’t express my emotions

I don’t have them in me

I feel numb, no sensation

Now again i am not me