Fake Friends

To have many friends seems to be nice and easy,
But take not and see that not everything is happy
It may lead to melancholy and even a shed of tear,
And till later you’ll notice they’ll disappear.

When success and power comes, they’ll come by
But in one’s downs, they’ll leave you high and dry.
Don’t forget nor regret or you’ll be regarded as a hater
Try your best leave the rest, keep your head above the water.

In the end you’ll be left asking yourself
For all the things you have made and done
We’ll there be anyone left and aid, give help
And hopefully trust and love will not begone.

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A life filled of problems and stress
Alone i stand, desperate and hopeless,
Amidst all the challenges and tribulations
Oh please help me, friends of thou creation

All accomplishments and regard of the past,
Have faded away through one's own carelessness
Still it was a memory and fun it was, till last
Now I'm standing amidst such bitter darkness

Today, now and more, filled with sadness and regret
Wishing that i know how to change the things I've done
Each plan which succeeded and each moment a secret
Gone and will never be seen, faded away, left with none.
A night windy and cold   
Magical things left to be untold,
A magnificent treasure, i saw
Granted a pleasure, a feeling without flaw.

A woman entered in a frilly dress
 My mind went fuzzy, what a mess.
She turned and glanced at me with a grim stare
This went on for a while until i wear

Each day, each week continued on
We saw one another even at dawn.
Those times were magical in some way
Oh a bit longer i wish it would stay.

Ahh, the modern times internet there was,
Chit-chat easier but i couldn't really feel that
even those words, those vile senseless cuss
i see how it was, just another pass time, drat.

It was hopelessly difficult to keep up
The moment changed suddenly, so abrupt
From sweetness to just plain salty
Mood swings i guess, found guilty.
Adolescence is such a weird age
Sometimes you just get trap in a cage
You can't control it, True?
Until in the end that you finally rue
All the things you had done
Yes the time has gone.
Feelings, emotions don't get overwhelmed
Wait till you are hemmed

Celebrity Crush

In an event i was able to see
A beautiful lady at a glance                                                                                                         Even if we are not meant to be,                                                                                                  Please just give me a sole change.

All i can do is to stare                                                                                                                  Her radiance, eyes that glare                                                                                                       May our worlds intertwine                                                                                                          Hopefully you’ll be mine.

Even when you have not a moment nor time                                                                             From the duties and tasks of a celebrity                                                                                     Or even have another lover, fine                                                                                                  Just show me your reality.


The one

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Among all the girls that have been
I think that she is the one.
She’s the most beautiful that he’s ever seen
And her attitude is apart from everyone.

I don’t know how he has fallen in love
Could this be a dream or a reality
Could this be planned by the heavens above
To drive him crazy with ecstasy

Even if things will end badly
Well all things end eventually,
He will hold on and not be sad
For he knew what was had.

Halimaw Mo


Painting by: Michael-Jean Cabazon

Sana -isang pagpapakita ng pagbabagong anyo ko mula sa tao bilang isang hayop mahalin mo ako ako ito halimaw na binuo mo

  • Kerwin Lloyd Sarabia