Quotes From My Friends

Do Everything with Love, an Love everything you do! – Desiderio

Don’t let others rule over you, Rule yourself – Johndee

Leave everything to the Lord, And he will move everything for you – Quino

Build your Foundation Early to break more walls – Jimenez

You occupy space, You have weight and you physically exist. What does this mean? You matter – Jed

You can scream, you can shout, you can cry But Don’t you fucking quit. – anonymous

Don’t Follow the path of others, Make your own path and let others follow you. – Closa\

If you cried, You know you tried – Coral

Society might say yes to it, But Don’t make such a fuss until God Said Yes. – Coral

Don’t Flow with others be like a Mountain and Go against it, Flow with God Because He can move Mountains – Coral

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