imagesThey said the stereotypical heart was created in the focus of two hearts being fused.

You do not fall in love you just love because whatever falls gets broken.

I love you is for everyone which is important to you,

I’m in love with you is for only one person  which means your whole life to you.


I was gawky and she was gorgeous and i was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating.

“If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane”

– Looking for alaska – John Green


I’ve been hearing voices in my head

Does it mean i’m not yet dead?

I try to understand which was mine

Thinking it was all fine

I tried making my own songs and symphonies

But instead i only created nothing but melodies

It got all stuck in my head never really left it

Kept hearing nothing but the beat.

Forgot how to express myself

such meekness more than anyone else.

I learned how we all yearn for pleasurable things in this world But we don’t think long term of what would happen if we didn’t exactly did some of those things, was it for the better or the worse?


Its always so fun to wake up early. The wind greeting you fervently. Nothing that can ruin the day really. Waiting for the sun shining or the rain to til but still it is so Fun in the morning so fresh so alive.

Quotes From My Friends

Do Everything with Love, an Love everything you do! – Desiderio

Don’t let others rule over you, Rule yourself – Johndee

Leave everything to the Lord, And he will move everything for you – Quino

Build your Foundation Early to break more walls – Jimenez

You occupy space, You have weight and you physically exist. What does this mean? You matter – Jed

You can scream, you can shout, you can cry But Don’t you fucking quit. – anonymous

Don’t Follow the path of others, Make your own path and let others follow you. – Closa\

If you cried, You know you tried – Coral

Society might say yes to it, But Don’t make such a fuss until God Said Yes. – Coral

Don’t Flow with others be like a Mountain and Go against it, Flow with God Because He can move Mountains – Coral