A Truth To Be Told

God isn’t A robot
wait theres more


“For women, the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.”
Isabel Allende, Of Love and Shadows


In the bible, The term Christian was never frequent, But Followers of Jesus was.

People Mistake that Christianity is all about Religion but NO! it is more than that it’s our relationship With God and that’s all To it.

People, Come and Go.

My heart fell when i saw you

I knew my days were numbered

the time that i am due

You forgot and i wasn’t remembered.

Came into my life like a wisp, so gentle

And then just like a silent shiver you forgot

We never knew what was really essential

i lay here in my house to rot.

Then i think again was it really worth it

that there are just really pieces that won’t fit

sometimes we need to throw away the clutter

So that in the fullness of time we can let go and flutter.

Spread are wings, Remember the memories that which we were entrusted with the emotions which came with it. Good or bad, Happy or Sad. Because they said No pain, No gain. These are just endeavors we are facing but in the end will know who would really stay and those who wouldn’t


Feelings, Do you ever really know what they are?

I don’t understand whether i am just shallow or  am deep

Sometimes i don’t know the reason why i weep

But i guess its how it works, fighting inside you like a war.

these things are crazy, mood swings and all

nothing really as it seems.

We may be happy, sad or just love and fall

you might be blooming and gleaming

then you realize something but not everything

how will you ever know it is true

infatuation, admiration and dedication

all these emotions are just simply words

to things we can’t really comprehend

Actions that we take and in the end spew it out

like simple things we always have, things we see as it is

But will we really know whether sad or mad

we just labeled them but do we really feel them.

A cringe in the Darkness

Walking at midnight

Saw a terror at hindsight

Neither He or she but an it

Can’t handle what was seen

Made my teeth grit

It was neither fat nor lean

Or maybe something in between.

Darkness never deemed as such a fright

It can’t be conquered even with might

Oh i’m shivering in this night

I want to run but time seemed to be still

slowly it approaches me

its presence growing, what a chill.

How will i handle something i can’t seem to understand

Now i wait, mercy is at its hand.

Epitome of happiness

The epitome of happiness, what could it be?

Is it something we see?

Does the world give you this or is it just temporary,

Have you ever thought what really makes you happy?

Is it just me or there are so many things to consider,

Food there, Girl here, leisure everywhere.

Or is it just not present here,

In this universe, are we really happier?

You say you are happy,

But are you truly?

Nothing can really fulfill in this society

All we can do is feel anxiety.

Exactly nothing can fill you up with joy

everything is not as what they seem

or what we perceived to deem

An utter-less world that has no ploy.

Really Nothing In This World Can Satisfy

Let’s wait for the next life , we can now die.


A wait in time

I waited for you,

but will i do.

I guess someone else was there,

Left alone right here.

Still waiting until you realize,

Everything you needed i had.

You didn’t even try

Now i start to cry.

I wanted to be worth it,

Now i wait here and sit.

Waiting and waiting….

Alas i have yet to see, the end.